Linda Koco, MBA, is a contributing editor to InsuranceNewsNet, specializing in life insurance, annuities and income planning.

Where Do Annuities Fit In?

Workers expect their defined contribution plans to play a greater role in their retirement income than annuities.


NAIFA CEO Waters will be Remembered for her Thoughtful Leadership

People who didn’t know the late Susan B. Waters or have the opportunity to hear her speak really missed out on one of the leading lights of the insurance industry. She was the widely revered CEO of the National Association of Insurance Agents and Advisors (NAIFA)…


Pro-Fiduciary Group Pushes for SEC Action

But the tone of this letter is terser than what normally appears in documents aimed at persuading regulators to take a particular position. It reflects a curious mix of reason and reproach.


SIFI — Sci-Fi? See-Fee? Siffy?

When some industry professionals see the term SIFI, most know that it refers to the Dodd-Frank-created concept of “systemically important financial institution.” What they don’t seem to know if how to pronounce the doggone term. I’ve heard people refer to it as SI-FI, as in Hi-Fi, the once common moniker for high fidelity, as in […]


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