Welcome to an Award-Winning Blog!


By Steven A. Morelli

You are now the reader of an award-winning blog. Well, we both knew that you are a person of refined taste.

This blog won a min Editorial & Design Award on Tuesday in New York City. We actually tied with Fortune for first place. Among the runners-up was Entertainment Weekly, which had four nominations. So, this competition was not just in the business-to-business media in which we dwell, but the consumer media where brands such as Fortune, Time and Glamour live. So, do I say all this because I’m bragging?


Well, not just because I am bragging, but because I want you to know that we take this venture seriously and we are not just throwing scraps of stuff to fill this space. The regular contributors to this, particularly Managing Editor Susan Rupe and Contributing Editor Linda Koco, find facts and make connections that you won’t find in any news space. Both of them bring decades of experience to bear in their analysis and opinion for you.

Besides maintaining a high level of quality, my only wish is for our audience to grow. Our blog readership is in the hundreds while our news article readership is in the thousands, often in the five figures.

A big reason for that disparity is because it is relatively new. We started it in March, while the news site has been cranking since 1999. But we’d like your help to grow it some legs. When you find value in something, please pass it along. Post it in LinkedIn or Facebook and further the conversation. In fact, you are always welcome to comment right here. And we are not looking for agreement but thoughtful conversation.

But enough about us. We’ll be getting back to you now.


Steven A. Morelli is editor-in-chief for InsuranceNewsNet. He has more than 25 years of experience as a reporter and editor for newspapers, magazines and insurance periodicals. Connect with Steve →

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