Congratulations! Now You Are InSUREd


Agreed, the spelling of the word “insured,” in the above title, is pretty odd. I wrote it that way on purpose. That purpose is to underscore the key word SURE.

In conversations with friends and acquaintances, when they recount their adventures in obtaining personal insurance on themselves, I stop them when they get to the part where they say they bought the insurance.

Instead of saying “uh-huh,” or “that’s nice” or some other nondescript affirmation of the obvious, I often say, “That’s good news. Now you are inSUREd.”

Upon hearing that, more than a few people have turned their heads sideways and said, “What?????”

So I repeat the important part: “You’re inSUREd.” Sometimes I follow up with, “That’s important!”

But it’s the inSUREd word that gets them going. When I say it, I put the emphasis on the word “sure,” lowering my voice a bit and drawing it out a half-second or so.

Then they smile and say, “Well, that makes me feel good, the way you say it. I never thought of it that way before.”

Here’s the important part. What they never thought of when they bought the insurance is that they are valuable enough to insure. And now that they are insured, this value has been recognized by a bona fide insurance company.

This is even though they did all the legwork and remembered to answer the underwriting questions. Even though they engaged in discussion about type and cost of the coverage. Even though they (probably) discussed this purchase with their spouse, significant other, banker, accountant, or other VIP in their lives. Even though they did all that, they just didn’t see their insurable value as valuable, or at least not in a way that’s worth celebrating or honoring.

As readers know, I don’t sell insurance. But I‘ve bought my share, and I’ve hand-held friends and associates who have taken insurance-buying journeys of their own.

The related discussions have convinced me that many times people miss the sense of their own worth as central to the process. That is despite the pretty brochures they have received, the formal language in the documents, and the nice folders (and pens) that some people get with their policies.

People seem to get more excited over their new smartphone or even a dinner at a fine restaurant than they do over buying insurance. Unless it’s pointed out to them, of course. Hint, hint.



Linda Koco, MBA, is a contributing editor to InsuranceNewsNet, specializing in life insurance, annuities and income planning. Connect with Linda →

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